Leadership: Tutorial Video

I made a tutorial video on how to create a new unity project, some basics, and how to change a scene in 2D. I showed how to create a project via Unity Hub. Some of the basics shown were what each of the windows in Unity did, as well as how to organize your explorer by creating folders. I showed how to create a button that will take you to another scene, allowing you to make levels in your game.

The experience was wonderful. I had to redo parts of the video many times due to me having nasty voice cracks, messing up on something, not knowing what to say, and etc. I learnt how to actually read scripts properly, how to use OBS (recording software that I commonly use for live streaming). It is a pretty cool software, since windows doesn’t come with a screen-cast unlike Mac, I’d recommend OBS since it is free, and you can customize it from quality to performance.

Recommendation – Charles B.

It isn’t common that you’d come across a team member like Charles. Charles has filled many roles such as being a lead coder, artist, and sound designer ever since September. Charles’ ability to manage a team is outstanding, he has a plan for what everyone should do every day. While I was with Charles, I had gotten more work done than I probably ever have due to his team management. Anybody with Charles on their team is considered lucky.