Ghost Shooter Feedback


This ghost shooter game is a game I created on Construct 3. I followed a tutorial on how to create the game. The tutorial contained the teachings of how to use events, how to print values onto text, how to do basic character movement, and etc. You move around using the arrow keys and you can rotate using your mouse. Each ghost takes a few shots to kill. Once one touches you, you die.

Logline: The player discovers some ghosts and has to shoot them before they catch up to the player.

Goal: My goal for the game was to follow the tutorial without missing anything, and making a game that was playable and had a goal to it. The goal was to get the highest score you can, without dying.


  • “I like how that thing spins fast so it’ll kill those green things faster”
  • “I like the score system, but (this may be my personal preference) there could’ve been much more enemies, like a hoard shooter, too much downtime between each enemies and once you get the game nailed down you kinda don’t have modifications to the flow”
  • “It’s very addicting, my high score was 250”

What can be done to make the game better?

  • “Maybe add a way to re spawn but other than that i think its pretty good”
  • “Some how try to make it where the enemies are attached to the player so there not just roaming around.”
  • “Also maybe add WASD so its easier to move”

Were there any problems? If so, then what were they?

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