Session 2 Production Project

We're All Just Pieces in a Puzzle
CC Image “We’re All Just Pieces in a Puzzle” by mikecogh

My goal as the graphics artist was to make all of the art in the game. This means the backgrounds, cards, etc. I made arrows for swiping left and right on the game, I had also made a heart and a broken heart for when you push the buttons.

21st Century Skills


I showed creativity because I pitched in ideas for different styles of graphics for the game.


Our teams communication was pretty good. My partners told me what to do and what graphics to make for the game. I pitched in different ideas for how to use some of the art to the coder of the game.


I showed responsibility because I finished most of the art on time. Unfortunately, our team lost our code with only a few days left, so we had to use the first build of the game for the presentation. Which is why we need to backup the code more often than we did.

Charles Fantasy Dating Simulator

Reaction to the Final Version

Brian Favorite: “Broken Heart. Dating Simulator. Excellent text/font and sprite choices.”

Evaluation of Final Version

  • The game was supposed to be a simple dating app simulator
  • It was not just a dating app. It was a fantasy dating app.
  • The main character is Charles. Which is why the game has his name in the games name. Charles finds a phone. On the phone is a fantasy dating app

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

It is always nice to backup the games code.

I learned more about Photoshop than the knowledge I had before.

Export images as PNG for transparency and not JPEG. (I already knew that, but I forgot)