SMART Goal for April 2020

  • Role – Code/UI Design
  • Goal – My goal for this month is to continue working on getting more experience with the C# programming language, and Unity in general.
  • Why – This will further improve my skills with Unity and coding for our games. The more you do it, the better it is.
  • How – I can find tutorials on YouTube and learn from them. Then from there I can keep practicing my skills.
  • When – Any free time I have is when I’ll be doing it.
  • Resources – YouTube, Google, misc websites with tutorials.
  • Milestones – If I get the code working, that would be amazing. If I can get it to work in a build, then that’s even better. It’s always guaranteed for me to have bugs in the builds.
  • Heroines / Heroes – Some UI work that I find amazing is in the game “Tower Unite”. A fun social party game with loads of games and activities. Each game/activity have some real amazing UI work that they took the time and effort to make.
  • Documentation – What I have done was I finished the stretch goal blog post. I worked on installing Unity onto my computer, which took way longer than it should’ve, it kept on not downloading and not working. But eventually, after a few hours of waiting and messing around with it, I somehow got it to work. I have also worked on looking at more Unity UI and code tutorials on YouTube.